Wise MD: 

A fitbit like app for physicians that gives them for the first time: Real Time, Automatic and Physician specific data.  The app will make it easier for the physicians to deliver high value, cost conscious care; hence will save money for both the payer and the provider.

The Problem:

US spends the highest GDP per capita on healthcare in the world. 1/3 of this is unnecessary. While doctors control majority (80%) of the waste, the lack of transparency in the system creates an indifferent attitude among doctors regarding costs. This excess of treatment is not only causing 2 trillion dollars of waste a year, but more importantly, also causing harm to patients— upto 37,000 patients deaths per year.

My Solution: WiseMD

After an year of comprehensive design research, I have co-designed an easy to use tool for doctors to get personalized, automatic real time feedback. There are 3 main components of this feedback: Time efficiency, Cost effectiveness and Quality of Care. This allows doctors to learn from their own decisions and apply that learning to future decisions, thus providing high value care to patients. Comparative data with other physicians in similar settings and over time further facilitates this high value care.

It enables users to: 

  1. Learn about their own clinical habits
  2. Compare themselves with their peers, so that they can
  3. Tailor their habits to perform better

Pilot Project:

Conducted in an outpatient ambulatory clinic in New Jersey, showed a 22% reduction in cost of care, amounting to a dollar value of 20,000$. Scaled up it can potentially save the health care industry millions of dollars (Even if 1% of excess tests are eliminated, it can be 65 million dollars per year).

Further, we showed that physicians themselves would want to use this app for clinical decision-making. The pilot also resulted in a positive change in physician behavior towards high value care- from indifference to accountability. 

Presenting Wise MD at the Thesis Show 

To read the whole design process, view document below:

An introductory video which narrates the scenario and specifies the problem I wanted to solve.